Our most frequently asked question is "How did you find this place?" Well that is simple. In our years of dating in the early 1970s Wilson Creek was our place to come camp and have a good time in nature and enjoy friends. It wasn't until my wife, Wendy, had our first child, Olivia, did we realize that tent camping was not conducive with a new born. That is when we found the cottages at Brown Mountain Beach. For many years after that, this special little place served as our annual family vacation. The kids enjoyed tubing down the rapids, bonfires, and playing in the waterfalls, Wendy and I enjoyed getting away together in the peace and quiet. But it wasn't until I was sitting around the campfire with some buddies of mine (telling lies and making jokes) that I made the gesture that I would like to buy this place. A man stood up and replied, "Hang on, I will get the owner." He did, we made an agreement and here we are. The rest of our story is our journey to find peace, get back to nature, a chance to provide southern hospitality with a healthy lifestyle, and the most important- a journey with family.


Our wish for our guests:

Through many generations and over 100 years, Brown Mountain Beach Resort has grown into a high adventure mecca for guests who long to come back to nature and enjoy peace and their loved ones We strive to offer the finest luxuries and comforts, as well as our renowned personal service. Exceptional dining, outstanding views and the pristine Pisgah National Forest on Wilson Creek are only steps away from your cottage. Our goal is to make your visits to Wilson Creek and Brown Mountain Beach as relaxing and effortless as possible.

I thank you for exploring our family's resort and look forward to seeing you soon!
Sincerely yours,
Ron and Wendy McDaniel