Hiking the Pisgah

Some of our favorite hikes


Harper Creek Falls:  2.2 mile moderate hike.

This is on the top of our list for a reason.  The trail head is located approximately 4 miles from BMB.  You will cross 2 bridges and the welcome center.  (Be sure to stop in a enjoy the visitors center!) . 1 mile from the visitors center is the trial head on the left.  With a moderately sized gravel parking lot and a quick 500 ft ascend up the mountain, the trail starts.  Don’t worry, the first 500 ft are the worst and then the trail will level out.  You will follow the creek most of the way and at about 2 miles, you will hear the waterfalls.  Once you get to the top, you will notice a rope to climb down.  (Don’t worry it is scarier that it looks).  Grab the rope and get to climbing!  You will find a three tier waterfall (the first fall being 10 ft.) the second 40 ft and the third is a 10 ft. drop.

*Local tip* . The waterfall is covered in moss so kick your feet up and slide down it!  There is a rope on the other side to climb back up.  Also, don’t e shy to go to the middle of the 3rd waterfall and indulge in the natural cold jets of the water.

Hunt Fish Falls Easy .8 mile hike

Hunt Fish Falls Easy .8 mile hike

Hunt Fish falls is an adventure from the moment you get into the car and start driving up the gorge.  To make your way to the falls, take a left out of the resort and drive 10 miles.  You get to see the entire gorge, so take some extra time to scope out some scenic views.  Once you hit the T in the road, turn left on to Hwy. 90.. (fun fact!  This is the only gravel highway left in the nation… time slows down around these parts!)Take a left at the T.  Cross over a 1 lane bridge- stop there and take a picture (its about 2 miles up)  you will see the old one room school house and then take a left onto Edgemont Rd.  (by Edgemont Baptist) Go…Go… Go… and take every switch back it seems.  You will see a sign on your right that is label Hunt Fish Falls.  There is enough room to park about 3-4 cars.  Once there, The hike to Hunt Fish Falls begins on the signed trail at the parking area. The trail is  between 3/4 of a mile and a mile and mostly downhill all the way. Tree coverage is great so the summer, this is a must do.  Then get ready to swim, sit on waterfalls and truly be in the middle of the forest.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  For more info- check out this site:http://www.ncwaterfalls.com/huntfish1.htm

Adam's Knob Overlook Moderate-Hard mile hike

Adam’s Knob Overlook Moderate-Hard 1 mile hike

If you aren’t a swimmer or visiting us in the colder months… or Hey you want an off beaten trail hike that is “the road less traveled” and you need a leg workout, Adam’s Knob is the perfect hike for you!

It is a 1 mile hike directly up hill to the most amazing of Table Rock, Grandfather Mountain and on a clear day you can see Charlotte.  (Think Table Rock view with way less people)

How to get to Adam’s Knob from BMBR:  Take a right out of the resort, go to the end of Brown Mountain Beach Rd.  Turn left on to Adako Rd.  Drive 1 mile take a left on to Murphy Hill Place (it is gravel) . Go slow (people’s dogs are running around enjoying nature as well) Drive 3/4 of a mile and you will take a slight right onto Maple Sally Lane, keep going through the federal land gate (it’s open) and drive a half mile until you see a very small pull off on the left- you will see the trail head, begin your journey!